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Oculus Rift, l’innovation dans les jeux vidéos

Le monde des jeux vidéos est en constante évolution, après la 3D, les développeurs s'attaquent à la réalité virtuelle. Conçu en 2012 par Palmer Luckey, insatisfait de l'expérience offert par les casques de réalité virtuelle, il décide de créer le sien.... Lire la suite →


Social media: A security challenge and opportunity

Generation Y workers are posing increasing security challenges to their employers as they share data unreservedly New and recent entrants to the global workforce are posing increasing security challenges to their employers as they mix personal and private lives. Nowhere... Lire la suite →

Google Glass 2.0 Welcome News For Many Digital Health Glass Startups

Google has updated its Google Glass FCC filing with new images and descriptions of a second edition device expected to be released in 2016. The new device represents a strategic shift of Google’s original vision for Glass. While Glass was... Lire la suite →

English Digital problem gender

The global business elite will descend on the upmarket Swiss resort of Davos this week for the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting, which this year focuses on the transforming power of technology – or the fourth industrial revolution. Long regarded as... Lire la suite →

Happy 15th Birthday! Wikipedia By The Numbers

by Keith Wagstaff On January 15, 2001, a website called Wikipedia was launched. Since then, the crowd-sourced, online encyclopedia has completely changed how people find information quickly, replacing books and CDs (remember "Encarta?") with millions of entries written by ordinary... Lire la suite →


“Black Mirror” is a British show you should know! Created and written by Charlie Brooker, a British humourist, "Black Mirror" adopts the anthology format to tell separate narratives with a different cast for each of its seven episodes. Broadcasted since... Lire la suite →

DIGITAL MEDIA : What’s going to be big in 2016

So here we are – 2016, with yet another year under our belts. 2015 held some interesting developments in the digital space. We saw the launch of Instagram ads, the rise of programmatic media, Facebook and Twitter video ads and... Lire la suite →

Why emojis are a no-brainer for digital communication

When the Oxford English Dictionary declared an emoji its 2015 word of the year, it was a bit of a head-scratcher. The emoji it singled out — an image of a laughing yellow face crying tears of joy — did... Lire la suite →

24 hours without Internet

  Imagine the world without internet for 24 hours ... from now ! You have an interesting opinion? Share your imaginations , your thoughts ... No Limit BY Petya TASHEVA

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